Knicks Win Home Opener vs Celtics 106-104

Merry Christmas Knicks fans! It’s about time we handed the C’s a defeat. You can argue one of the Celtics stars Paul Pierce was out but we have a star out ourselves in Baron Davis. Sucks Iman Shumpert went down but I’ve heard it’s only for 2-4 weeks.

What was exciting was seeing our team up by about 17 before the half. They lost the lead quickly in the third due to being tired but that’s expected. I think there will be a few more games where they will appear rusty this early go around but as long as they clean it up by the playoffs I don’t mind.

Amare helped keep us in it while Carmelo sat down with foul trouble but as soon as he came back in we were unstoppable. Toney Douglas is still not ready to be a starting PG. I can’t wait for Baron Davis to quit faking his back injury and come back.

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