Knicks Destroy Pistons 103-80

This game was over in the 2nd quarter thanks to Mike Bibby’s renaissance. Iman Shumpert was killing it in the first quarter before having to sit out with 2 fouls. This kid is something else. Amar’e had a vicious dunk on Maxiel in the fourth that should make sports center. Melo had 13 through 3 quarters but wasn’t really needed and got a well deserved rest especially after last night. Way to be efficient New York! Josh Harrellson continues to shine, man what a 2nd round steal. Jeremy Lin did a little better in garbage time tonight but still seems like a random fan putting on a jersey. Love Balkman’s nasty putback done a little concerned with him jacking up 3’s… I wonder if he actually practices those and thinks he can make them. Speaking of 3’s, I’m a little disappointed Steve Novak didn’t hit his but was glad to see him blocking a shot even if it was against someone he towers by half his body. He also got 3 more minutes than Toney Douglas.

On that note, is TD officially in the dog house? Ever since his botched play to lose the game for us against Toronto it seems like D’Antoni gave him one last chance against the Bobcats, since then it’s been all Shumpert. No complaints here, Iman has been a beast this season.

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